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Cheng Man Yan Jessica

Stealing Treasure (Fairy Tale Story)

~Chapter 1~
Just the Beginning
Once upon a time, in the forest there was a big cave, inside the cave lived a dragon. Its claws made an air dragon named Aria. At the back of her cave laid a pile of treasures. One day came a visitor, the guest was no air dragon, but Aria welcomed the dragon anyway, “Hello and welcome to my home! “said Aria. The dragon didn’t answer, instead it used its hand to touch the glowing sapphire encrusted wall, then it looked for a stone that glowed. The visitor stumbled across Aria’s treasure pile and held and an orange amber. “I heard you have had the most treasure dragon,” said the visitor. “I mined them,” said Aria.

~Chapter 2~
Queen Ermone
The visitor led Aria into a castle. There was a queen, Queen Ermone of the poison dragons. “Speak,” said the queen. “I want your treasure, Aria,” said the queen. “NO!” roared Aria. She shot up with startling speed.

~Chapter 3~
The Ruby
She held a pouch on Aria’s scaly body. “Ruby, Ruby, tell me where to go,” said Aria. Aria chased after Ruby. It led her to … a cave!

~Chapter 4~
The queen was chasing her, but she had a plan, the queen was in the cave. Aria blew a gust of wind on the loose rocks. The cave collapsed and the queen was never seen again and Aria lived happily ever after.

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Teacher’s comment:

Aria the Dragon was smart and brave!

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