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Lam Ching Hei Hayden

P6 Creative Week Curriculum

If I could design my own Creative Week, I would make it very fun and filled with creative learning activities. On the other hand, I would give P.6 students multiple chances to conduct research, engage in discussions and perform experiments themselves.

On the first day, the students would receive a timetable of events, although I would not disclose the details. (I genuinely hope they would enjoy the activities, or at least most of them!) To kick off the week, I would focus on teaching them about cooperation. I would begin with a group game, randomly dividing the students into groups to test their cooperation skills. Following that, I would deliver a brief lecture on how to effectively collaborate with others. Then, I would have them retry the group game, but this time with a challenging task, such as extracting push-lollipops from a jar with a small opening, and a building game where they must construct a bridge using limited resources while discussing their strategies. To conclude the day, they would be required to create a drama from scratch, incorporating specific keywords that I provide, all on their own.

On the second day, I would host a trivia game. I have noticed that some P.6 students lack general knowledge about the world. Through this activity, I aim to inspire them to open their eyes on the world and be a knowledgeable learner. I would ask questions (from easy at first to hard as the game goes on) about literally everything they should know; when one answers correctly, their group (again, the students would be put into groups randomly) gets a point. As the game does not involve deducting points. I would add in challenging questions occasionally to reward those who read more books. The group that has the most points at the end of the game wins. Afterwards, I would reveal the answers one by one and share interesting facts to enhance their learning experience. Finally, after their lunch, I would have a comic session, where the same groups would collaborate to create a short but creative comic based on a given theme.

On the third day, I would keep it the same as our Creative Week. Students would be given a limited amount of money to buy goods and visit families who are less fortunate. I believe it is important to keep this activity as it holds great significance, and in the future, they may not have as many opportunities to partake in such acts of compassion. This activity also fosters their awareness about social issues in Hong Kong.

On the fourth day, it would be quite fun as I would dedicate the day to doing experiments. They would conduct the experiments in the STEAM Room. Before the experiment, I would teach them about the attitude of scientists and the eight steps to do an experiment. They would be trying out cool things, like slime, lemon, batteries, and ballon-in-a jar etc. I hope they could know more about chemistry and physics and keep their inquiring heart even in the future. At the end of the day, I would need everyone to choose a phenomenon that they noticed in the experiment and explain it. They would first make a guess, then research it, and write down the final explanation.

On the fifth and final day, students would have the opportunity to reflect on what they have learned and contemplate how they can continue to improve. Following a sharing session, we would conclude the Creative Week with a farewell party. After all, it is their last year, so why not allow them to have some freedom to engage in activities of their choice, including sports and playing at the playground.

I am confident that P.6 students would love this idea. I would discuss it with the principal to see if this can be the Creative Week for P.6 students next year! Meanwhile I would also ask the P.5 students for support!

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Mr Kelvin

Excellent details plan for Creative Week! I really hope our school can use some of your creative ideas sometime in the near future, especially the unique team building activities.

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