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Man Cheuk Yan Jolis

Saving Santa

The alert came over the radio, “Emergency! Santa Claus is trapped in a chimney. Christmas will likely be canceled.” As soon as I heard it, I knew I would have to do something and do it fast. I quickly gathered my gear and headed out the door, pulling out my AirPods. I scrolled through my phone and tried to check Santa’s location and he was in Finland. I tried walking to the airport, dragging my staff with one hand and decided to try to sneak in the next flight as it was heading to Finland.

On the way to the church, I met a demon-like girl. She had long white fluffy hair and she wore a rose-colored sweater and a pair of black Mary Jane shoes. “Watch, where you're going next time! Wait, what's all that stuff you're holding? Saving Santa like me?” She said. I replied, “Yeah, how am I even going to get to Finland?” The demon thought for a moment then responded, “Well, maybe I could fly you there if you want. My name is Selene by the way, “I just met her and she already offered to fly me there! That’s sweet. But, on the other hand, it would seem rude to decline such an offer and so I accepted it.

After the long flight, Selene and I finally arrived with her so-called demon powers. She scanned the whole place and found Santa Claus stuck in a chimney only with his feet showing and some muffled helps. We quickly flew there and tried to pull Santa out but it was no use, so we tugged harder and harder until we finally succeeded.

“Merry Christmas, children,” Santa Claus replied, “Thank you for saving me!” He then grabbed a gorgeous gift in purple wrapping paper turned to me then said, “You've been good this year, so here's your gift!” After I thanked him, he turned to Selene and said, “You've been on the naughty list for a couple of years already. I do hope you will consider making a change. Since you saved me, here is the gift!” He took out a crimson gift and handed it to the white-haired girl. “Thanks! See you next year!” We both called out to him and flew away with Selene back to the places we belonged.

And that is how my most adventurous and memorable Christmas ended.

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