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Wong Tsz Sin Henrietta

Saving Santa

An alert came over the radio: “Emergency! Santa Claus is trapped in the chimney. Christmas may be canceled,” As soon as I heard the news, I knew I had to do something and do it fast. I quickly picked up my gear and headed out the door. I ran straight to the place where Santa Claus was trapped.

Everyone was staring at the chimney, hoping that Santa Claus could save himself. I was wondering what happened at first. I asked a lady standing at my left-hand side, “Excuse me. May I know what happened to Mr. Santa Claus?” The lady replied, ‘He wants to give a gift to a disabled little girl, but he is trapped when he gets into her house’s chimney.”

“Poor Santa Claus!” I cried. Then, I shouted, “Is there anyone who can help?” It was unbelievable that the disabled girl wanted to help! I promised, “Okay, you can help?” Then, I jumped on the chimney, pulled the little girl up, and we tried to pull Santa Claus out. However, it didn’t work.

Suddenly, someone threw something at us and shouted, “Use this!” Then, we tried to use the string to wrap Santa Claus’s feet and pull him out. “Come on! Come on! We can do it!” Finally, we saved Santa Claus out of the chimney. Santa Claus thanked us and said, “Children, thank you so much. I will give you guys two gifts!”

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