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Lian Yu Chi Linus

Flag-selling Day

One Saturday morning, Anne and Kenny helped out with voluntary work by selling flags for a charity. They worked long and hard. By afternoon, they had sold up to a hundred flags! By then, Kenny and Anne were very tired. “Let’s have lunch before continuing.” Kenny said.

Then, they went to a nearby fast-food shop and had an enjoyable lunch with each other, literally forgetting everything they had done the past morning.

As time passed, the two finished their meals and were ready to continue when they discovered something that scared the living daylight out of them: their flag bags disappeared! Oh no! What do we do now? Anne cried, on the verge of panic. Suddenly, Kenny spotted a man in a black cape leave with two flag bags in a hurry. He reckoned that person was the thief and ran after home leaving Anne behind. Luckily, the thief tripped and dropped the bags and Kenny was able to retrieve them. “That was close!” Kenny thought.

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Miss So

Wow! Lucky them! Kenny and Anne should have learnt a lesson. 🙂

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