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Lin HengYe William

Saving Santa

An alert came over the radio: “Emergency! Santa Claus is trapped in chimney. Christmas will likely be canceled,” As soon as I heard the news, I knew I had to do something and do it fast. I quickly gathered my gear and headed out the door.

“Tom, get the electric drill. We have to save Santa Claus,” I shouted to my little brother, Tom. I asked Tom to come with me because I believed Tom could help save Santa.

Seeing Santa trapped in chimney, I realised that Santa had eaten too much and he was too fat to get into the chimney. We used the electric drill to break the red bricks anxiously. All of a sudden, the drill stopped working. It was out of order. We were very disappointed.

At that moment, Tom suggested, “Let me get into the chimney from the fireplace and push Santa out.” Tom pushed Santa up in the chimney and I grasped his legs and pulled him out.

Finally, together with Tom, we rescued Santa Claus. We were delighted that Christmas would not be canceled.

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