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Lam Yat Sam Helia

The Most Adventurous and the Best Christmas in the Universe!

On Friday night, my best friend, Timoi, and I felt so bored while we were video-calling. Then, Timoi thought an idea that we should have a sleepover in her house! I agreed in excitement. I quickly packed my bags and also brought my cats and iPad for entertainment. When I arrived, the alert came over the radio: “Emergency! Santa Claus is trapped in the chimney. Christmas will likely be canceled.” As soon as we heard it, we knew we would have to do something and do it fast. We gathered the gears we found in Timoi's house. Then we headed out the door and were ready to start an adventurous mission.

Surprisingly, we found out that Santa was trapped in my house's chimney! We all rushed like a bullet to save Santa. Once we arrived, we heard him shouting “Help! Hello!” We ran into my house and we were shocked but we stayed calm and asked how he got trapped. He embarrassingly said, “Every day, I always say that I don't eat too much junk food but I always break the promise.” Santa ate chocolate cookies, instant noodles, fries, burgers and more. He also drank lots of milk. Therefore, his tummy got bigger and bigger.

We went up to the chimney with the gears and thought of an idea. We took a hammer and started breaking the chimney. At last, Santa fell down without getting hurt. Santa felt so happy that he said he would grant all the wishes of us. We did not expect to have such a reward! I wished for having a phone and Timoi wished we could go to Tokyo with other friends. But most importantly, I wished Santa could fix my chimney!

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