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Mak Ian

Stray dog

After a typhoon and extreme weather in the past two weeks, we finally had a beautiful weather this Saturday. My parents brought me to countryside for a barbecue to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. We prepared some delicious food like sausages, fish balls, meat and chicken wings. My favourite one was chicken wings. When we arrived at the barbecue site, we were unpacking the yummy food for barbecue.

We enjoyed family time under the sunshine. We were chatting and sharing food together. We were happy and satisfied with the good food and weather. For safety reasons, my mum put her handbag beside her. When we were eating food, a stray dog came near us. It walked around us for several minutes but we didn’t know what it was doing. It was in brown colour. It had a cute face with a pair of dotted eyes. We guessed it came from the wild.

Suddenly, the stray dog took my mum’s handbag and dashed into the forest. My mum cried out, “My phone and wallet are inside!” I was shocked too and shouted out, “My toys are also inside!” My dad was so angry and said, “Don’t worry. I will get the handbag back!”

My dad ran after the stray dog but it ran fast. But my dad was much faster because he started to fly! My mum and I were even shocked! I could not believe my dad could fly. My dad picked up the stray dog and smashed it into the ground heavily. Dad got the handbag back but the handbag was broken! Luckily, the things inside were still there. We found out my dad is a superhero. I wanted to fly with my dad one day!

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Miss Poon

Well done! :) You have lots of good ideas!

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