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Seong Hye Yeon Charlotte

Becoming an Animal - Cat

I want to become a cat because cats are my favourite animal. I wish to be a British Shorthair in cream. I have a round body with soft, thick and creamy fur. I will live in a cat cafe with many other cat friends. I love playing with different customers every day. I also enjoy their yummy treats.

The best thing about being a cat is that I do not need to go to school or do homework. I can play and sleep all day. However, I cannot go out and need to stay in the cafe all the time. I also need someone to take care of me like brushing my hair, cutting my nails and so on. Furthermore, I can only eat cat food, so I will have to give up my favourite snacks like ice cream, chocolate, and chips. Nevertheless, I still feel very excited to be a cat because I can experience a different life. I do not really want to be another animal.

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Miss June

Oh yes! It would be so nice! + you can do “cat walk” too!

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