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Szeto Yuen Kwan Cayden

The Intelligence Bookshelf

If I could invent anything, I would invent an ‘Intelligence Bookshelf’. It can search information which we need automatically. Sometimes I remember reading a book about some relevant information before, but I can’t recall which book it was. At this time, my ‘Intelligence Bookshelf’ can be used.

Let me introduce the instructions of the ‘Intelligence Bookshelf’.

Step 1: Put the book on the A.I. platform. It will automatically scan every page and save every word into the database.

Step 2: The bookshelf will roll the book to its relevant category in alphabetical order.

Step 3: When you are searching for information, you can enter the ‘keyword’ on the screen or speak out the ‘keyword’ verbally.

Step 4: the indicators of the books which include the relevant information will bling up, the screen will display all the relevant book titles and the pages of the books where you can find out the information you need. You can scan your student card or QR code, all the books will drop down and you can get your treasure.

The ‘Intelligence Bookshelf’ is suitable for everyone, especially for students to self-study or do projects. Setting the ‘Intelligence Bookshelf’ at home can help children do homework. Setting one at the school library can help students to research. Setting one in the office can help the staff to finish the project. I hope this invention will help everybody.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Rebecca

This is a fantastic invention! It looks great but it’s really functional too. Students and readers often have a lot of books; I know I often forget what exactly is in each one. Your writing is as organised as your invention, and you used your new vocabulary well!

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