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Liang Yan

The loss violin

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in Hong Kong. Right after Terry had this violin lesson, he thought it would be nice if he went to Happy Park to take a rest before he went home. When he got there, he placed his violin gently on the bench. Suddenly, a brown spotted little stray dog poked his head around Terry and sniffed him. Terry was surprised because unlike the other dogs in his neighbourhood. This little one would not bite anyone, so he took a random ball in the ball pit and started to play with the little puppy.

After a few minutes, Terry felt very thirsty, so he decided to go to Miss Amy’s juice store to get a nice apple juice. However, when he came back, his precious violin was gone! Terry searched everywhere for it but there was no sign of it!

Terry felt disappointed because the brand new violin that he had was a birthday gift from his beloved Grandmother! Terry thought “I can’t go home like this, Grandma will hate me forever!” Terry cried but it wasn’t helping much.

Just as he was about to go home, the stray dog he played with before came out and barked at Terry just like as he was telling Terry where his violin was. Terry followed the puppy and got a little girl with Terry’s violin! Terry was very surprised that a little girl would steal so the little girl spoke” I’m so sorry, I just wanted to take a look a your violin because it looked so much like my Grandma gave me.” She said and she tried to stop crying. Then Terry felt emotional and gave a little girl a giant hug and said, ”It’s okay.”

When Terry got home, he told the whole story to his entire family in the end. Terry’s grandmother adopted the little stray dog and they lived happily ever after!

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