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Wong Elvis

Becoming An Animal

The animal I want to be is a bald eagle, because it can fly and has amazing vision.

If I was a bald eagle, I would live in jungles in North America. Since bald eagles and golden eagles are very common there, I could make many “friends” but not many with golden eagles.

Bald eagles have long, wide wings that give them the ability to stay aloft and conserve energy by souring. They also have an impressive eyesight that surpasses all humans and most animals in the world.

Though bald eagles have several advantages, they also have disadvantages, such as not having the ability to hunt for prey when they are on the ground, hard to manure in thick cover, avoid being hunted etc.

If I was a bald eagle, I would feel awesome and honoured because I could fly up to 15,000 feet in the air and had more clues about how the world looks like. I could also reach speeds of 35-43 mph (56-70 km/h) which would make me feel like I had super speed ( not until I was born as a bald eagle).

I would like to become a different animal because I could experience things that have no chance of happening as a human.

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