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Weng Timoi

Flying a kite

My parents bought a kite for me. I was so excited to fly it so I quickly went to the park.

At the park, my dad told me to watch him fly the kite because I was a beginner. He held the handle with both his hands. Then, he waited for a few seconds. Whoosh! The wind came. He raised the handle, and the kite immediately flew into the sky. I was amazed by my dad’s wonderful kite-flying skills and wanted to fly a kite by myself. So, my dad slowly took down the kite and gave it to me.

I was extremely excited, I flicked the reel into the sky, but then, the kite fell. I tried again and again and again, but I kept failing. I groaned in disappointment and wanted to give up. But then, Dad said,” Timoi, you have to be patient and wait for the wind. Then, try to slowly raise the kite. “Dad demonstrated it to me once more. After listening to his words and trying lots of times, I finally did it! The kite soared through the sky happily, looking at all the trees, clouds, and birds. At that moment, I felt so peaceful and so calm. I smiled proudly and continued flying the kite.

After this memorable experience, I started to fly more and more kites. One day, my kite flying skills might be as impressive as my dad's.

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Miss Lee

Wow! Sounds like a great experience (if it’s real!) I see how you’ve used some figurative language too! 🙂

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