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Wong Hei Nok Sean

Healthy at Home

Do you want to be healthy? Actually, there are many ways to stay healthy at home.

First of all, we should eat healthily. We should eat more vegetables and fruit while avoiding eating junk food because junk food can do harm to our body. We can follow the food pyramid to eat healthily.

Next, we should do more exercise to keep ourselves healthy since it can make our hearts and lungs stronger and help us grow taller. For example, jumping rope, doing stretching exercise and sit-up. All these are wonderful exercise that we can do at home.

In addition, sleep is an extremely important thing. We have to sleep early and wake up early to get enough sleep. If we achieve this, we would have enough energy for the rest of the day.

Apart from that, we should bear in mind that our home environment affects our health too. We need to keep our home tidy and clean to get away the germs that may harm our body. We should always open the windows to allow better ventilation.

Nevertheless, we should protect our eyes. We have to keep an appropriate distance with adequate light while watching TV. We should also limit our screen time because staring at the monitor for too long can harm our eyes.

Last but not least, mental health is equally important. We have to talk to our family and friends and share our feelings with them. Playing games with our family can help us relax too.

In these ways, we can be healthy both physically and mentally.

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Mr Kevin

You are very knowledgeable towards healthy living! Fantastic sharing Sean!

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