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Yip Chit Tung Dustin

Susan and the Robot Cat

Last week, Susan went to a toy shop to buy a robot cat that she had been saving all her pocket money for. It costs her one hundred and sixty-nine dollars.

After she bought the robot cat, she ran as fast as lightning with excitement back to her sweet home. She pressed a button and the robot cat said a heart-warming “Hello!” Susan was astonished since the robot cat was kind and cute. She kept pressing the button as she was addicted to it. She got a terrible idea. The next day, she even brought it to school! She put it in her school bag secretly because she could not bring any toys to school.

When she was doing English writing, the robot cat fell out of the bag and hit the floor with a “bang”. The English teacher was very angry at Susan and he said, “Susan! Why do you bring that toy to school? You know you can’t do that!” He was so angry that it was like he was a bull looking at a red carpet. Correspondingly, he made Susan write an apology letter to him.

In this experience, Susan learned that she should never break the school rules and she tried to control herself by being addicted to the robot cat.

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