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Chen Jayden Sze Yui

Susan's Embarrassing moment with Her 'Cat'

It was Susan’s birthday. Hoping to get a lovely robot cat for a long time, Susan went to a toy shop and bought one home. Naming it as Kiki, Susan soon became its friend and enjoyed playing and talking with it all day long.

However, the school didn’t allow students to take toys to school. This made Susan could not endure the loneliness, so she decided to take Kiki to school secretly with her. Everything went on quite well at first. Suddenly, Kiki jumped out of Susan’s bag! Everyone was shocked. Susan realised she forgot to turn off Kiki at the school gate and she was so embarrassed.

“What’s going on?” the teacher asked. “Susan, you should know you cannot take a toy to school!” “I am very sorry, teacher,” Susan replied. “Kiki is not only a toy but also my best friend. I want to study with it. This makes me feel relaxed.” “I do believe you really love Kiki, but we all need to obey the rules, right? I will keep Kiki for today and you may take it home after school. Remember not to take toys to school again!” the teacher said patiently.

From then on, Susan realised the importance of following the school rules. As she valued Kiki so much, she should no longer make mistakes that may set Kiki and her apart.

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Miss Lui

You used different sentence structures and provided many details. Good job!

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