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Lo Koon Chung Arthur

Stray dog

Last Saturday, my family and I had a barbecue in the country park at Lion Rock to celebrate my father’s birthday. I went shopping with my mother in the morning for the barbecue. We bought some soda, some meat, some corn, a loaf of bread, a packet of marshmallow, a jar of honey and a box of sausages.

The weather was fantastic! It was sunny but it was not too hot. It was perfect for having a barbecue. After we put the food on the table, we sat around the fire pit to start grilling the food. My mother put her handbag next to her on the bench. Suddenly, I saw a stray dog lurking behind my mother. When my mother was grilling food, it pounced onto the bench. It snatched my mother's handbag and ran off with it quickly.

I ran after the stray dog and found it trying to eat the handbag. Instantly, I realized that it was actually hungry. Therefore, I went towards the table and grabbed some meat and sausages to feed the stray dog. It let go of the handbag when it saw the food. I took the handbag back when it was busy eating. After getting back the bag, my mother was very happy!

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