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Yung Ashley Hei Yi

A School Newsletter

The Interests of Our 5A1 Classmates

What are your interests? What do you enjoy doing the most? I have interviewed some 5A1 classmates about their interests. Do you have the same interests?

Leah loves singing and fencing but her favourite interest is playing the ukulele. She likes playing the ukulele because its sound is beautiful and nice. She can also play her favourite songs with her ukulele. Before she could play the song easily, she did not understand how to play it so she kept practicing. Then she got better at it. She thinks playing the ukulele can improve her reaction and voice because she loves singing while playing ukulele. She also thinks that playing the ukulele is the most calming and relaxing activity.

Hailey is interested in skipping rope. Skipping rope is fun but challenging for her to learn because she needs to jump very high to do different tricks. After practicing skipping rope for three years, she could do many different tricks so she went to a skipping rope competition and won the third place in the 9-ll years old championship! She thinks skipping rope is interesting and exciting to learn.

Cayden loves doing different kinds of sports such as running, playing football, playing table tennis and hiking. However, he thinks playing basketball is the best sport because it is healthy and he can improve his concentration by practicing it. One time he even won the third place in a 3x3 basketball competition. He thinks that basketball is the best sport and the most fun.

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