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Hui Suen Yan Leah

Being an Inventor

If I could invent something, I would invent Turtle Pops. Turtle Pops is a cereal. The outside packaging has a turtle smiling, it gives the best crunch! Anyone can eat it, even those who are 4+. It has different colours. The light green is green apple flavoured. The dark green is grape flavoured. You will probably think “grapes?!” but it is delicious! The white coloured part is flavoured with green apple with grapes. When you bite them, it gives a “CRUNCH”. The cereal inside has Vitamin C.

Remember that old cereal? The one which tasted like chocolate, but not many people would want to eat it now. If kids are picky eaters, they should try Turtle Pops. I think I would use this invention on picky eaters.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Rebecca

I liked your cereal box design! Do you think fruit flavoured cereal could be the most popular? I think a lot of kids still like chocolate!

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