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Lee Chun Yi

A School Newsletter

The interests of our 5A1 classmates
Chun Yi

What are you interests? What do you enjoy doing the most? I asked some 5A1 classmates about their interests. Do you have the same interests as them?

Hailey is my friend. Her interest is skipping rope. She likes skipping rope because she is
very good at it. She thinks training helps her win more competitions. If she needs to have competition, she needs to practice a lot to prepare for the competition. Hailey also likes playing video games and eating snacks at the same time. She thinks playing video games is interesting and the snack are very delicious.

Ashley loves skipping rope and drawing. She likes skipping rope because she thinks it is challenging. Skipping rope can also help her lose some weight and stay healthy. Ashley can do many tricks. She won a silver medal when she had just learnt for half a year. It is tiring if you need to practice skipping rope for a long time. Skipping rope is more challenging than drawing.

Ravis thinks doing gymnastics is fun. She likes doing gymnastics because of two reasons. One reason is that she can do very intense and challenging moves. The second reason is that she can stretch her body. After doing gymnastics, she feels relaxed. Doing gymnastics helps her relax her body so her bones will not be fragile when she is getting old. When she was eight and a half years old, she saw a difficult trick and she really wanted to do it. Therefore, she practised hard until she did it. She thinks doing gymnastics is the most exciting sport.

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