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Liu Chin Yeuk Quinn

Three Wishes

Have you ever thought of having wishes? Have you ever thought of changing? I am going to share my three wishes that I could wish to be true.

My first wish is to be wealthy. I wished for this and wish I can live in my dream that I wanted. I can also help the poor and needy with money by buying food for them. That can end world hunger.

Speaking of world hunger, my second wish is to have peace and no war. Then people won’t die from bombs or other deadly things and there can be less destruction on Earth.

And lastly, I wanted to wish for being successful as an English writer. I can share my thoughts with others and others share ideas to inspire others. So, we can learn from others.

So those are my three wishes. How about you? How will you use the wishes?

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Miss Lee

You are such a caring girl who cares about people and the world even as you make wishes!

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