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Kwok Tsz Yu Sophia


When I was a little girl, I had always been thinking about inventing things. I sometimes watch videos on YouTube about inventions, but they are actually funny ones. But if I can do that too, I would like to share my thoughts with you here.

If I could invent something, I would definitely invent convenient and also useful inventions. It would help me in daily life too. I am going to tell you my invention at the end. I am going to give hints to you.

My invention will help us waste less time. We can click a button and the blades will come out of your shoe. It is more convenient for athletes like me. I would use it because it’s much lighter than the original ones. We can use this special invention in an ice-skating rink. Have you guessed it yet? I bet you have.

The answer is ice-skating shoes. I have invented it to be more convenient so we don’t have to change our shoes. We just have to click a button and the blades will come out. But you have to sit on a chair to make it work, so you don’t put all the force on the shoe.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Rebecca

You thought through your invention well! This would be great if you lived somewhere with lots of natural ice in winter.

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