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Cheng King Ki Michael

Sick Puppy

My lovely puppy, Lucky was sick! I was very worried about her yesterday. She was sick in the morning, and she did not want to eat any breakfast or dinner. Lucky did not even want to go for a walk and just lay in her basket to sleep. Mum decided to take her to the vet.

This morning, we took our puppy to the vet with my mum and sister, Mary, by taxi. Lucky felt uncomfortable in the taxi and always shook her body. When we arrived at the vet clinic, we lined up and registered at the reception. When we waited for our turn, we saw many sick pets with their owners, they were all worried.

We waited about 30 minutes, and a nurse called our name. We carried lucky to the check-up room to see the vet. He put Lucky on the check-up table and asked me what happened to Lucky.

After he listened to us, he did a check upon Lucky. He told us Lucky was sick because of unclean food she ate. The vet gave Lucky medicine for five days and asked us to bring Lucky back for a follow-up appointment.

We took Lucky home and gave her medicine and healthy pet food every day. After three days, she felt better and wanted to go out for a walk with me. The whole family felt very happy when we saw Lucky recover. I learnt that we needed to give pets clean food and water for their health. I would also do my best to take care of my beloved puppy, Lucky.

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