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Leung Hoi Kiu Matthias

My dream house

My dream house is a tower with 100 storeys. The first floor is the entrance, and there are three superfast elevators. The second floor is the kitchen, and the third floor is the dining area. The ninetieth floor is my playroom, which has many Legos and Doraemons. The ninety-first floor is my brother's playroom, and the ninety-second floor is his bedroom. The ninety-third floor is the bathroom, and the ninety-fourth floor is a swimming pool. The ninety-fifth floor is a changing room. On the ninety-sixth floor, there is a TV room with a super big TV. The ninety-seventh floor is the video game room where you can play any video game. The ninety-eighth floor is a reading room that has all the books in the world. The ninety-ninth floor is my parents' bedroom, and the one-hundredth floor is my bedroom. It's super tall and offers a view of the whole Hong Kong!

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Miss Rebecca

Wow, this would be an amazing home to live in! I’d love to have a swimming pool and a reading room.

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