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Ng Yan Nga

Susan and the Robot Cat

Once there was a girl named Susan. She was an animal lover. She always wanted a kitten, but unfortunately, her parents were allergic to animals with fur and they were also really afraid of them.

Determined to have her own furry companion, Susan did not give up on having a pet. One day, while Susan was walking at a mall, she walked by a toy shop. A cute looking robot caught her eye. She went in the shop and looked at it closely. It was a robot cat. The robot cat was designed to look and act like a real cat. Susan looked at the price. It was on sale, so she bought it. While she was walking back home, she named the robot cat Whiskers. She couldn’t help but touch its fur.

When she arrived home, she ran into her room and played with Whiskers for hours. Whiskers knew how to sit down, and it could even meow at people. Susan loved Whiskers so much.

The next day, Susan had to go to school, but she didn’t want to leave Whiskers alone at home, so she ended up bringing Whiskers to school. However, it was a bad idea…

While Susan was in class, she felt really bored. So she secretly took Whiskers out and hid it under her desk. She was having so much fun. Suddenly, Whiskers led out a “meow” and the teacher heard it. The whole class stared at her and felt shocked. The teacher gave her a deadly stare, and said, “See me after class” with a serious face. Susan was really scared.

Soon, the bell rang. Susan took a deep breath and went to find the teacher. She entered the door, the teacher saw her and asked why she brought a toy to class. She told the teacher frankly. The teacher was really pissed off and she called her mother and told her everything during class. Susan’s parents were really mad at her and her teacher gave her one week of detention.

At night when Susan was about to sleep, she looked at Whiskers. She now understand that we should always do the right thing at the right time, and we should play hard, and learn smart.

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Teacher’s comment:

Hi Enya, your story about the robot cat and Susan has an unforgettable ending. Hope Susan and the readers learn from the lesson. The content of the story is really rich and try to check for minor grammatical mistakes.

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