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Chan Chun Lok

Susan and the Robot Cat

One day, Susan and her mum went shopping. They bought food, clothes and soap etc. When they finished shopping, they went to the cinema to watch a movie.Along the way, Susan said she wanted to look at the toys in the toy shop. There were dolls, toy trains, toy ships, card games, games etc. But those weren’t the one that caught Susan’s eyes. It was a robot cat. Susan really wanted to have one of those. So, she asked mum to buy it for her. Mum said, “ If you get high marks for your next exam, I will buy it for you.” And so, Susan studied very hard for the next exam. When the exam started, Susan worked really carefully. The grades finally came out. Susan had the highest marks in her class. As mum promised, she bought Susan the gift — a robot cat.

When she went home, she quickly put two batteries in her robot cat. Instantly, the robot cat sprung to life. The robot cat said, “ Hi! I am Robot Cat. Who are you?” “ Susan, “ said Susan. “ Nice to meet you,” said Robot Cat. Susan said she wanted to bring the Robot Cat to school. Robot Cat quickly agreed. So, Susan brought the Robot Cat to school.

In the middle of a lesson, Susan couldn’t find her eraser. She thought maybe it was in her school bag. So she unzipped her backpack. Then, Robot Cat jumped out. He cried, “ Help! It so hot in here.”

Susan’s teacher spotted Robot Cat. She asked, “ Whose robot cat is this?” “ Me,” Susan said weakly. Her teacher said, “ I am proud of you for not telling lies. But you shouldn’t bring any toys to school. Understand?” “Understood,” Susan replied. At last, Susan vowed that she would never bring toys to school ever again.

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Teacher’s comment:

Hi Triston, the story about the robot cat is really fluent with lots of description, action verbs and the conversations are all great! Fabulous! 🙂

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