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Wong Hei Nam

Susan and the Robot Cat


Last Tuesday, Susan went to the toy shop after her interest class. When she got there, something caught her sight. It was a toy that she had been longing for-- a robot cat. She checked her wallet and there was the exact same amount of money she needed to pay for the robot cat. However, she also thought about after paying for the robot cat, she would have to wait for a whole month to have pocket money again. In the end, she chose to get the robot cat as she could not get her mind off it. Thus, she quickly grabbed the robot cat and paid for it before anyone else could take it. Then, Susan ran home feeling over the moon.

After Susan got home, she went into her room and shut the door behind her.
She could not wait to play with it. When she turned it on ...

"Hello!" the robot cat said. Susan was amazed. She thought the robot cat could only walk and jump. Now, she could even chat with the robot cat when she was bored! She immediately asked the robot cat a handful of questions, but the robot cat did not say anything. Instead, it said," May I help you with something else?" It seemed that the robot cat could not answer her questions. Therefore, Susan just chatted and played with the robot cat happily.

The next day, Susan woke up and the first thing she did was finding the robot cat and played with it for a while. Then, she did her morning routine and got ready for school. Suddenly, she had an idea, an awesome one. "How about bringing the robot cat to school with me?" she thought. She could even show the robot cat to some of her classmates at recess! So, she quickly stuffed the robot cat in her school bag and set off to school. Yet, there was something she did not remember. Students are forbidden to bring toys to school!
Susan stepped in her classroom feeling particularly excited, but also a bit worried about someone might find out her robot cat in her school bag. Not after long, Susan started her first class of the day. She was relieved, as nothing happened in the first lesson. During the second lesson, things started to get unusual. Susan's schoolbag kept shaking and the robot cat was meowing. All of a sudden, the robot cat leapt out of Susan's school bag and ran around. Susan was terrified. She did not know what to do. "Susan! What is that?! Toys are not allowed at school!" the teacher yelled.

Susan picked up the robot cat and turned it off. She was so embarrassed. She knew she should not have brought the robot cat to school. Not only she was severely scolded, she was punished to sweep and mop her classroom after school for one month. She regretted for bringing the robot cat to school really much and, of course, she promised she would never bring toys to school ever again.

Teacher’s comment: The ideas are well-organized! Great job Sophie!

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