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Shikita Akiha

My Grubber

My sweet shop will be fancy and beautiful. My shop’s name is Happy Candy Store. My shop is near CPS school. I will sell amazing and delicious candies. There are few examples:

Cupid Candy
If you fall in love with someone, you give this candy to he/she, he/she will fall in love with you.

Fire Dragon Choco
If you eat it, you can blow fire in just one minute. There are also other kinds of choco, like “Water Dragon Choco”.

Surprise Nut
When you first eat the nut, you won’t feel anything; but as you chew longer, it will be very sweet.

My candy shop is different from others. It is because my candy has powers. If you come to visit my shop, I will show you the hot items. If I earn enough money by selling more and more candies, I will send some money to my dad or mom to buy a house.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss June

I’m sure your grubber will be a very popular shop visited by many people!

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