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Gan Tsz Wai

Stray dog

I had a barbecue last Saturday. My parents and I wanted to barbecue because we like outdoor activities. We brought some food with us, such as bread, sandwiches, corn, marshmallows and cola… My mom and I were taking out the food and drink on the table while Dad was on the other side preparing the stove.

We settled down. Everyone was feeling excited. Dad started cooking corns. Mom put her handbag beside her and started cooking sausages. I was happily cooking some marshmallows. Meanwhile, while we were focusing on cooking, a stray dog sneakily took mom’s handbag and carried it away. The stray dog has black fur, small eyes and large paws. He came from the forest behind.

The stray dog ran away with the handbag because there was a bone inside. It ran back to the forest! Everyone was very worried. Dad held the cooked corn. The stray dog sniffed and sniffed. It followed the track of smell. It saw the corn and immediately ran to dad.

The stray dog ate the corn! But luckily it let go mom’s handbag. It joined our barbecue. We cooked a lot of delicious food. We played ball fetch. At last, we decided to bring the stray dog back home.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Tang

What a happy ending! 🙂

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