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Chan Hei Christopher

Stray dog

Autumn has arrived and the weather was getting cooler, it was a good time for having barbecue in the countryside. Last Saturday, my parents and I went to the country park and had a barbecue. We brought lots of food, like sausages, beef, sweet potatoes, corn, bread, orange juice, coke… When we had finished setting up, we started our barbecue around a charcoal fired stove.

We chatted with each other about our daily life. The smell of the cooked food was very good, and we wanted to have it quickly. It was relaxing and enjoyable. As we were fully engaged, suddenly mum’s handbag was mouthed away by a stray dog. Dad ran and chased the dog immediately. When dad chased it for some distance, the dog left mum’s handbag on the floor, and some cookies fell off. Then, we saw three puppies came by and began to gulp down the cookies. They looked very hungry. Our frustration disappeared at that scene. I thought that mum dog loved its puppies so much that it risked its life to grab cookies for them.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss Tang

It is really a touching story! 🙂

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