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Kung Hiu Yu

Stray dog

Last Sunday, my parents and I went to have a barbecue. However, something unimaginable happened…

Starting on a sunny morning, I woke up with lots of excitement. Mom and I were preparing some delicious food for the barbecue, such as sausages, fish balls, potatoes, chicken wings, beef… you name it!

After a while, we arrived at the barbecue site. We settled the food and started to talk with each other. While we were chatting joyfully, a stray dog came with a hungry look and it was silent. Unfortunately, the entire family didn’t notice. The stray dog was coming closer bit by bit.

Woof! The stray dog barked. It was taking the fresh meat from our barbecue plate! “Oh no!” I shouted as loud as a microphone. “Stop! It is our food!” Mom and dad shouted at the same time. We all became a basket case!

Out of the blue, an old woman appeared, “Yummy barbecue food is sold here, fishballs, meat balls, chicken wings, beef, marshmallow… yummy yummy foods. Once we heard this news, we changed our mind and bought more variety of food for the barbecue.

Lastly, we went back home and had a deep sleep immediately.

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Miss Tang

You have tried to share your ideas with different choices of vocabulary and sentence structures. Great job! 🙂

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