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Cheng Man Yan Jessica

My favourite video game

My favourite games are Minecraft and Pokemon UNITE. Minecraft is a game that has PYP and servers you can create.For the settings, here you can see a button, if you press it you can change your world’s settings, like you can choose to have the always day cheat setting or something else. In real life too bad we can’t be immortal, immortal means you can’t get hurt. Do you want to be overpowered or immortal on your minecraft world? If things like this happened to you before, go to the setting and set your world creative mode. Creative mode allows you to fly till you reach the sky with absolutely no limits and with the flying ability you can fly to anywhere in the world and you can take about almost every existing block, liquid, mob spawn eggs from an inventory. Pokemon UNITE is a game where you can PVP with players. Use your pokemon to score points to win! Each victory against an opponent will grant you rewards.

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Teacher’s comment:

Jessica, you are a little Minecraft expert! Thanks for sharing the tips! 🙂

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