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Wong Tsz Sin Henrietta

The Amazing Person who inspired me _ Ikee Rikako

Everyone should have a person who inspire them. The person who inspired me is Ikee Rikako. Ikee got a pair of beautiful eyes and brown eyebrows. She also got a tall nose and a nice mouth with a mole. Her short hair makes me feel that she is a happy person.

Ikee is a swimmer from Japan. She was born in 2000. She began to swim when she was three, and by five she already knew how to swim in all four styles.

I knew her from watching the Jakarta Asian Games in August 2018 and she won six gold and two silver medals. She has been really enjoying swimming in the competition.

In February 2019, unfortunately she was diagnosed with leukemia. In these months, she lost her hair and muscles. She underwent chemotherapy. Chemotherapy involves injecting poisons into the body to kill the cancer cells, while at the same time killing many healthy cells as well. She even thought of committing suicide at one time. Luckily, she didn’t give up her dream. She left the hospital in December 2019 and had done a lot of exercise for swimming again. She recovered after 19 months. She continues to chase her dream again.

I learnt a lot things from her. In the past, I lacked determination. I faced different challenges but I refused to continue. After knowing her life, she inspires me, I felt her determination. She didn’t give up and caught up with exercising. I really like her attitude and I wanted to learn from her.

Ikee is a persistent girl. Even though she was very sick, she was still pursuing her dream. The illness is really hurting her much but she kept doing exercises and swim to catch up the other swimmers. In this year, she came back on 2023 HangZhou Asian Games. She is really my role model.

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Miss So

Henrietta, this person is very persistent. Wonderful sharing!

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