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Ng Yan Nga

Stray dog

One sunny afternoon, I went to the supermarket with my mom to buy food for the barbecue later. We bought some corn, some bread, some beef, and bottles of coke.

After we were done buying food, we went to the barbecue place. My dad helped us set the fire, and we started to cook our food happily. Suddenly, something caught my eye. A small, fluffy dog with sad puppy eyes was wandering aimlessly, looking forlorn and lost. Then the stray dog moved closer and closer to us and started to sniff mom’s bag.

But then, out of our control, the stray dog took mom’s bag with his mouth. Then opened it and started eating the food inside. My parents were so shocked and scared at the same time. I couldn't help but felt a pang of sympathy as I watched the poor creature, and I knew I had to do something to help.

As I cautiously approached the poor little stray dog, I could see the fear and uncertainty in its eye. It timidly sniffed my hand, unsure whether to trust me or not. With gentle patience, I tried to gain its trust, offering a kind voice of soft strokes on its matted fur. Slowly but surely, the dog began the relax and warm up to me, realizing that I was no harm. It wigged its tail, looking at me with a flicker of hope in its eyes.

Determined to find a solution for his lost soul, my parents and I made some calls to local animal shelters and rescue organizations. With their guidance, I was able to safely capture the stray dog and take it to a nearby shelter, where it would receive the care and attention it needed. As I bid farewell to the dog, a mixed of sadness and relief washed over me. My eyes turned red, then tears rolled down my cheeks as I left the shelter. Rethinking this whole day as I walked home with my parents, glazing at the sunset, I just changed this abandoned cute dog’s life. I couldn’t help but feel satisfied about what I had done today. And perhaps with some luck and effort of others, this stray dog would find a loving forever home where it would be cherished, loved, and care for, never to wander alone again.

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Miss Chung

Hi Enya, you wrote a great piece to describe the stray dog with your feelings. The details are very vivid which made me touched!

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