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Zhang Anzuo

Stray dog

Last Saturday, my family and I went to Sai Kung campsite to have a barbecue. It was a sunny day. My parents love to eat barbecue food very much. When we arrived, in the afternoon, I helped my mom to take out all the food, such as steak, chicken wings, corn, fish balls and marshmallows in order to start grilling.

We started the fire and started grilling. We enjoyed our food and everyone felt relaxed. My mom put all her personal and important stuff in her handbag, like her phone and money. Mom sat on a rock bench and placed her handbag right next to her because she thought this was the most conspicuous place to put it, and so she could find it easily. It sure was easy for someone to find, even a wild creature! A stray dog appeared just as we started grilling the steak. I wasn’t sure where it came from, but it looked so fierce that I threw the steak right into the fire and screamed!

The fire was crackling so hard that my parents didn’t notice me and the stray dog. The stray dog wanted some food, so he bit mom’s handbag and walked away with it. It walked into a small path and disappeared into some bushes. Mom was totally freaked out when she found out her handbag was lost. We got some sharp barbecue sticks and walked to the small path where the dog disappeared. We decided to take it back.

We walked into the bushes where the dog disappeared, we found along the path different kinds of sharp thorns and insects. I really thought the dog was impressive because it could make itself through the bushes. My leg got hurt so badly that we had to go back to the campsite and stop searching. This taught us a lesson, which ‘we should be aware of wild animals when you’re in the wild’.

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Miss Chung

Hi Audrey, your story about the stray dog is very vivid like I am with you. The description is great.

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