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Szeto Ho Issac

Stray dog

Last Saturday, my family and I went to a park to have a barbecue. It was a sunny day. We went there because we wanted to have some family time. When we arrived in the afternoon, we started to take out some of the food. We brought chicken wings, steak, bread and soda, etc.

We were happy when we started the grill. Mum put some food that was not opened in her handbag because we might not finish all the food. Suddenly, a stray dog came by sniffing the ground. It looked like it was looking for food. We saw it come from the park entrance. The stray dog was medium-sized, black and its tongue stuck out.

A few minutes later, the stray dog grabbed mum’s handbag and ran to somewhere with bushes. I thought that the stray dog stole mum’s handbag because it smelled the food inside. We felt sad and panicked, so we went to get the handbag back.

The stray dog saw us and ran, so we got the handbag back. However, the stray dog had already eaten all the food inside the bag and licked my mum’s phone. Finally, after the stray dog caused trouble, we packed our things and went home.

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Miss Chung

Hi Issac, your story is really interesting as you described the stray dog with lots of details. The adjectives and connections are very good. Great job! 🙂

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