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Huang Luoyi April

My Grubber

My grubber is square-shaped with some balloons on top. My shop door is made of biscuits with some chocolate, the window is made of marshmallow with biscuits, Doesn’t my shop look wonderful? The name of my shop is “ The Wonder Grubber”. My shop is in Festival Walk. I sell wiggly worms, chocolate lollipops, crispy candy…… and so many other yummy sweets. Aside from these, it’s almost Halloween, I will soon make some Halloween sweets to sale! I will make some eyeballs, some pumpkin-flavoured candies and pumpkin-shaped marshmallows. I think my shop is different from other shops because I think my shop is more wonderful than others.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss June

Wow! I’m sure your grubber will attract many visitors!! 🙂

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