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Lam Ching Hei


This story is about Billy, a fifth-grade student with good grades. But, just one year ago, he had the lowest marks in the class nearly every test and exam. What motivated him to work harder? Read on!

Last year, Billy was a homework copycat. Every day when he came home, he would sit down to play video games for multiple hours straight without first doing his homework. He would play until eleven o'clock at night and copy his friend's homework without even thinking. But why didn't the teacher get suspicious when she saw two worksheets with the same answers every time? Billy was not that stupid; that bad friend of his was in a different class! With this "clever" trick, he never got caught copying. Sometimes, the teacher even admired him, saying,"You wrote this really well! Keep it up!" and stuff like that. Absolutely no suspicion.

But, after more than half a year of copying, the truth came out. One day at recess time, the teacher came and asked him, "How is your dad? Is he okay?" Billy felt strange. Why did she ask this question? Suddenly, he remembered something: two days ago, the teacher asked the class to write a diary, and a friend of his wrote about his dad in the hospital. He stammered, "Yes, yes. He was okay. The doctor said, er, he...". Without waiting for him to finish, the teacher already said, "You do not need to tell more lies. Did you copy this piece of homework?"

Billy was very scared. But he denied it. "No. I didn't."

The teacher questioned him again. "Please, I want no more lies. You are copying Jimmy from 4A3, right? Yesterday, all the P.4 teachers had discussed in a meeting choosing 'The Best Writing' award, and Jimmy was one of the candidates. When I saw his writing, I knew what was wrong. I just want to ask one more question: how long have you been copying? Or is this the first time?"

Billy still lied. "F-f-first. Y-yes."

"That's it. You're going to the principal office. You've already had a lot of BSLMs (bad student lying marks). You might get expelled.

"Billy walked to the principal's office. What the principal said to him exactly, I do not know. But the principal gave him one more chance.

Billy learnt a lesson. Although he was very scared, he was also very grateful that he had the last chance. He promised himself not to waste this chance and be a well-behaving student. Since then, he made an effort in every piece of homework. And most importantly, he has never told lies again.

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Miss Tang

Don’t ever think that teachers are not smart! 😊

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