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Tong Tin Wing


One day, Billy woke up with an idea – pretending to be sick and skipping school! But he didn’t know that he missed the big day at school!

Billy’s mother woke Billy up with a soft voice, but Billy said “Mom, I think I am sick, I don’t feel so good, can I take a break from school?” His mother said, “Yes, of course! Let’s have some rest and if you are not feeling well.” Billy stayed in his bedroom for resting. He started to play video games all day long.

Sadly, the day of disappointment was there. When Billy arrived at school, one of his friends said to him, “Hey, are you feeling better today? I feel bad for you missing a big party at school just because of your sickness.” And that was the time when he realized he had just missed a once-a-year big party just because he didn’t want to go to school!

After what had happened, he had learnt a lesson, that we should not lie to anyone. Since then, he had never told lies again.

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Miss Tang

You have a good opening! The vocabulary and sentence structures are clear.

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