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Chan Ho Wan Mattias

Terry's Violin

Last Saturday, it was sunny and cold. Terry went to the park after violin practice. He saw a stray dog and played fetch with it. He put his violin down because he needed both hands to play.

It was noon, so Terry went home to get ready for dinner but he forgot to take his violin. When we went back to the park, he found his violin was missing! Terry felt sad because his violin was a gift from his grandma on this birthday. He sat under a tree and thought of all the memories of his violin. But he did not give up. He looked around and saw a security camera pointing at the bench. He went to the security office and asked if he could see the footage of the camera. He was surprised to see that the stray dog had dragged his violin near the tree due to curiosity.

Then he went to the trees and found his violin under some sticks and leaves. He went back home happily and told his parents all about this puzzle in the park.

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