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Hsu Dik Fei Dafne

Music Talk

My favourite music is sung in Mandarin, because I like speaking Madarin very much. My favourite singer is GEM, because the songs she sings and composes are very nice. I also listen to at least two to three songs every day. I learn the melodion, and I learned the kalimba before. I think people should listen to music because studies have proven that listening to music can help regulate mood, bring happiness, relax the body and mind, and reduce stress. Especially slow, low-pitched music without lyrics can reduce people’s stress and anxiety and is very suitable for people who are preparing to undergo surgery. Even abroad, there are many cases where doctors play music during heart surgery. The heart rate and blood pressure of heart disease patients can be lowered, reducing the stress, anxiety and pain associated with surgery.

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Miss June

I agree Dafne! Music is a good cure indeed! :)

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