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Shek Nok Hei

My Unforgettable Holiday

When it was the summer holiday, I went to Okinawa. I went there with my family. We needed to fly for two hours to Okinawa.

When I reached there, we went to Churaumi Aquarium and I saw a lot of fishes and I also saw a whale shark.

I cannot forget it because it was super fun, but one day there was a typhoon hoisted in Okinawa and we needed to stay there for more than seven days. It was pretty fun in the hotel. My favourite day in Okinawa was the first day because I was excited to see our hotel in Okinawa. I came here two times before. We also played on a very long rolling slide. It was my first time, I was super scared. I asked my mum who went first to try and I followed her, then I knew that this was actually really fantastic. After, we bought ice cream because the weather was very hot. I ate all the ice cream by myself. Maybe you should go to Okinawa too? Have you been to Okinawa before? If no, I suggest for you to go there in May because the weather is much better.

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Miss June

Yes! I’ve also been to Okinawa! It’s a great place for diving and water sports! Glad you had so much fun there!

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