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Lian Yu Chi

Space Travel

If I could travel anywhere I want in space, I would travel to the place that is full of mysteries: deep space.

I would travel to deep space with my parents and sister because I want them to experience deep space with me. I would collect lots of dark matter to do experiments, to try and make artificial black holes and bring benefits to education by showing students how a black hole is formed and let them make small black holes by themselves.

I think not many people have travelled to deep space because the pressure is enough to crush planets to atoms and is a hundred times greater than outer space. After my trip, this shocking information will be everywhere, on all the news and many other places. Me and my family may even become famous! However, there is still one problem. If the pressure is so great, then how can we get there? The answer is simple yet slightly impossible: use an I-field creating machine to protect the ship from pressure.

It may sound impossible to get to deep space but I will never stop working until this goal is reached!

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Miss Onki

Outerspace! It would be so fun if I could go outer space! 😊

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