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Lam Sum Yuet

My Easter Holiday

I went to Taiwan during the Easter Holiday. This was the first time I traveled adoard after the pandemic in more than 3 years, so I was very excited. 8th April was my first day in Taiwan. I got up early in the morning and my sister and I packed our luggage and got ready to go. When I arrived to the Airport, I saw my cousins, and my sister and I couldn’t wait to run to them.

After an hour’s flight, I finally got off the plane. I was nervous when I went through customs, probably because I haven’t traveled in many years. On our first day in Taiwan, we went to a hot spring resort. In the evening, my sister, my mother and I enjoyed the hot spring. My cousins came to join me for a snack party after. 😊

On the way to lunch in the next day, my mother found my favorite stationary store and I bought a lot!

The third and fourth days we stayed in the same hotel. We went to the Luk Hop Night Market after dinner of the third day. I ate three sticks of candied haws! There are so many doll shops there, although we couldn’t get a single doll, we had a great time! On the fourth day, we went to the night market again after took a ride on the Love River. I bought a lot of pearl milk tea key chains souvenirs!

The fifth day was also the last day of our trip. We went to the SKM theme park. I was terrified when I played on the ride. I also went to the video game centre and played car racing. I won my mother in the race! Eventually we arrived the airport at five o’clock. It was time to say goodbye to my cousin although I didn’t want to do so. It was because my cousin stayed one more day in Taiwan because of the air ticket problem, when we said goodbye to them, my sister even cried! Finally, I bought many souvenirs in the airport.

I had a lot of fun these days, and I guess I will remember this trip for a lifetime!

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Mr. Kevin

You had a lovely time in Taiwan! Thanks for sharing. Will you visit again soon and buy more souvenirs?

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