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Weng Timoi

The Murder Scene

It was a normal day at school. At least, Luna thought it was. She handed in her homework, read books, and did her corrections. After she did all her work, the teacher told her to go to the fourth floor (where the grade five and six student’s classrooms were) to find a student named Stacy. So Luna went upstairs.

Luna arrived at the fourth floor. She saw the girl’s toilet and went inside because she was always curious if the fourth floor’s toilet was different from from the third floor. When she opened the stall door, there was a small puddle of blood on the toilet lid! She screamed. Loud. Very Loud.

A teacher came rushing in. She asked, “What happened?” “There’s a MURDER SCEIVE!” Luna yelled, pointing at the puddle of blood. The teacher told her to calm down, and said, “It’s a girl’s period, you’ll get one soon when you grow up.” Luna was a bit embarrassed but she was happy to find out the truth.

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Miss Lee

It sounded like a scary story at first but it turned out to be fine! What an interesting plot, Timoi!

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