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Wong Hei Nam


Imagine if you suddenly went blind one day. How would you feel? If that happened to me, I would totally freak out. Now, I will share how I feel about that.

If I became blind, I think my daily life would be affected the most. First, I will have to change to another school that is for special kids that have lost their senses so that there will be specially trained teachers to guide me as I learn. Second, I would bump into everything and do things topsy-turvy when I was blind. Third, I would miss my family and friends the most if I turned blind because I would never see them again. Fourth, if I turn blind, I could never do my favorite activity again, and which is reading books. That would be a disaster! I better not think too much because I do not want that to happen.

Since I am a caring person, I want to find a way to help the blind. If I see a blind person, I will ask him if he needs help first, before I assist him. If he says yes, I will try to help him and not push him. Otherwise, he would lose his balance and fall. Instead, I would try to give him helpful directions. I will also offer him a guiding arm in order to keep him safe from bumping into anything. We should not let blind people walk up and down the stairs because it is dangerous for them. Furthermore, we should help them get into a door or a car. I think I could do these things to help them avoid accidents.

There are a variety of special facilities for blind people, as there are a lot of caring people who make the facilities for them. Automatic doors are a good example because the door has a sensor that will open up by itself when it senses someone. In addition, there is a thing called the tactile-braille indicators in passenger lifts. Blind people can rely on braille indicators to press the lift button. However, some lifts do not have tactile-braille indicators. So, the blind people may have to ask a passenger in the lift for help.

If you ask me whether there is enough help for the blind, my answer would be partially enough, and partially not enough, because it depends on where the blind people live. If they live in the countryside, there may not be enough help for them. If they live in cities, then there will be way more help for them because most of the facilities for blind people are in the cities.

I do care about the blind and other people in need because I do not like seeing people suffer. If I see a blind person, I would assist him if he would like me to do that. How about you? What would you do if you saw a blind person?

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