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Cao Zhiheng Lily

Billy Learned a Lesson

Last Saturday, Mom bought a new Swarovski crystal vase to celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary with Dad. She put the vase on the dining table and then went to buy some fresh flowers happily.

Billy sat beside the dining table and read a book intently. Suddenly, Lucy the pet cat meowed twice, and Billy looked up at the clock on the wall. It was 2:50 pm. “Oops! The table tennis class will start in ten minutes! I will be late!” Billy immediately jumped off the chair and ran towards the door with Lucy. At that time, he waved his hand. “Bang!” The careless Billy accidentally broke his mother’s beloved vase. Billy was shocked, cold sweat breaking out on his head. Billy thought, “God bless me! If Mom knows that I broke her beloved vase, she would definitely be mad! I need to find a way to cover up this……”

After the table tennis class, Billy and Lucy came home and saw his mother standing beside the broken vase. Mom asked Billy angrily, “Who broke the vase?” Billy squinted, pointing at Lucy, and said, “It was Lucy who broke it!” Lucy seemed to know something and meowed twice at Mom. Mom scolded at Lucy, “Lucy! Go to the yard! Reflect carefully! Don’t enter the house without my permission!” Lucy walked out of the house slowly with her ears drooping.

It was raining hard outside and Lucy meowed at Billy pitifully in the yard. Looking at Lucy, Billy felt ashamed and regretted that he lied to Mom. Finally, he plucked up the courage and went up to Mom to tell the truth. Mom didn’t punish Billy. Instead, Mom praised Billy because of his honesty and courage. Billy felt relieved.

Billy learned a lesson. Since then, he has never told lies again.

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Miss Tang

A lot of interesting ideas are shared. Good try! Good choice of vocabulary! 😊

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