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Wong Ngo Suet Melody


Last winter, I went to Osaka with my family. It is one of the prosperous and big cities in Japan. We went by plane. We had stayed there for a week.

Osaka is famous for its amazing street food and terrific attractions. We went to Bamako Valley Ski Resort. We enjoyed building snowmen, sledding and playing snowball fights there. The weather was very cold but the snow activities were very funny and exciting.

Our next destination was Hirakata Park. It was an amusement park which is full of different amusement rides. We rode on a roller coaster, wave swinger, Merry-go-round and spinning teacups. We spent an amazing and wonderful day in the park.

There were lots of delicious food in Osaka. Some of the dishes like Takoyaki (fried octopus’ balls) and Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) were quite special in Osaka. My favourite food are Kawasaki Eel rice and Gyudon (Japanese beef rice). They are yummy.

We bought lots of souvenirs in Osaka. I bought toys, dresses and food.

I enjoyed the trip very much. Osaka is a fun and lovely place. I wish I could visit other places in Japan next time.

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