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Ling Ho Ching

My Dream Pet

Pets are popular all over the world. People keep animals as pets because they think they are interesting or cute. My dream pet is my British short hair, Muji. She originally comes from the United Kingdom.

I like the way Muji looks. She is gold in color, small, and cute. She is also super fluffy. Muji may not be cool, but she is adorable in her own way. She is very playful because she always plays with me. She can also jump high. Muji’s behavior makes her very fun to watch.

It is my responsibility to take good care of Muji. I keep her in my home, allowing her to roam wherever she pleases. I usually feed Muji twice a day, so she doesn’t get so hungry. She eats quickly and sometimes messily. I usually play with her when I finish my homework. I love taking care of Muji.

All in all, I like Muji because she is cute, friendly, kind, pretty and playful. Lots of people keep cats as pets because they can definitely make good pets!

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

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