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Wong Damian

My Favourite Season – Winter

Around the world, different places have different seasons during the year. Hong Kong has four seasons in one year. The weather changes in different seasons and it affects our lives. In this essay, I am going to share my favourite season, winter.

There are different weather conditions in winter. It is always cold and dry. Also, it is sometimes chilly or snowy. Moreover, it is sometimes blustery and cloudy.

We can see lots of different plants and animals in winter, for example, there are a lot of coniferales everywhere. Also, there are polar bears living in the North Pole and other places that are cold all year round. In addition, there are some snow leopards in the snow mountains.

We can do lots of different activities in winter, for example, I occasionally play snowball fights with my friends. I usually build a lot of snowmen with my family! However, I rarely go sledging with my brother, but a lot of people love to go sledging in winter.

In conclusion, it is usually cold and dry in winter and nature in winter is very beautiful. Also, the winter activities are all fun. Winter is my favourite season!

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